TEDS products enable data-driven educational management to improve the academic success of your institution.

Managing data components in an educational setting is not trivial. It requires a deep understanding of data items from the entire district to a single student. TED Solutions modules make it as easy as a click.

  • Full Integrations

    Our products are aligned with the New York State department of education. They are integrated with many commonly used assessment and student information systems.

  • Security

    The integrity of your data is our utmost priority. All our products are designed and developed to comply with industry-level security standards.

  • Steady Updates

    Our development team continuously improve our solutions to provide the best for your needs. New features and modules are developed constantly.

  • Performance

    Reach your data at the speed of a click. The exhaustive process of data collection is done automatically.


Analyze your data with Integrated reports

TEDS Pool pools your data and generates meaningful reports to analyze the data, detect shortcomings, and act accordingly. Schools use many assessment tools to improve the academic success of their students. However, it is not trivial to understand the student's academic standing without bringing all data items in one place.

  • Analyze students' current and historic academic standings along with the attendance, discipline, and demographics records.
  • Customize the view of the data items for filtering, sorting, or hiding columns, download the pool or print them.
  • Track the standings of subgroups or create custom subgroups for your students with similar characteristics.
  • Assign goals to your students or subgroups and follow the progress.
  • Document all action items for a course or individual students through CSN Notes.
  • TEDS-Intervene integration enables the creation of short-term targeted or standard-based intervention plans.
TEDS Intervene

Create, manage and record all of your intervention plans.

TEDS-Intervene provides solutions for short-term intervention planning, targeted intervention, and long-term intervention tracking. A long-term intervention plan covers the formal intervention process from referral to accommodations and goals. The targeted intervention module enables short-term interventions to help students. Standard-based intervention fills the gaps in students' understanding of learning standards.

  • Follow all the details about the formal intervention process with the Long Term Intervention module, including referrals, meetings, files, accommodations, and communications.
  • Manage and record all short-term interventions created to help students with academic, attendance, and behavioral issues.
  • Create your standard-based intervention plans, including standard objectives, lesson plans, and assessments.
  • Analyze the intervention history of students with the timeline report and export any details for your records.
  • Customize your indicators, accommodations, and skill sets to use in your intervention plans.
TEDS Assess

Integrate common core learning standards into your assessments.

TEDS-Assess creates questions, tests, and reports and integrates common core learning standards into your assessments. Run district-wide benchmarks to measure student progress in learning standards.

  • Create your questions with a useful question editor and link learning standards with your questions, or use integrated question banks.
  • Design your tests and share them with your colleagues easily.
  • Customize your tests with multiple settings for students with different duration or view needs.
  • Analyze the student scores and proficiency status with assessment, standard, or topic reports for any course or individual students.
  • Identify the learning standards that require more attention or find the students needing academic support with a single click.
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TEDS Track

Track the progress for graduation and academic programs.

TEDS-Track is designed to manage high school student's graduation requirements and academic programs. Graduation Tracker brings all course and test history of students and shows all completed and missing requirements. 4Y-Plan aims better tracking of educational and technical programs in schools for career development.

  • Check the completed and missing requirements for graduation for any student with one click.
  • Customize graduation requirements based on school policy.
  • Analyze the progress of regents, advanced regents, and school-specific endorsements.
  • Manage appeals, safety net accommodations, and alternative test options.
  • Design academic programs or tracks and assign your students to them anytime.
  • Plan students' high school careers based on their skills and academic interests.
TEDS Enroll

Customize your enrollment process with your policy.

TEDS-Enroll provides integrated modules for applications, lottery, and registration system. TEDS-Enroll modules are customizable in every step; create your own application form, school specific preference and/or weighted lottery system, and customizable registration process and form collection.

  • Create school specific application forms for different schools under the same district or management.
  • Embedded communication tool to email directly to applicants with email template options.
  • Allows to use the same account credentials for returning parents.
  • User friendly reporting system with filtering options.
  • Customizable lottery system which allows preference based or weighted lottery.
  • Advanced reporting system which provides status updates on registration process.
  • Keeps a record of changes within an account to alert information changes.
  • Allows uploading forms to complete and follow up the registration process.
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How Does TED Solutions Work

TED Solutions continuously develop new products to increase efficiency for educational management.

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    Data Collection

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Freequently Asked Questions

1. Who is TED Solutions?

TED Solutions is a Terra Science and Education initiative to serve K-12 educational institutions with unique software solutions.

2. What is unique about TED Solutions products?

TED Solutions partners with schools in the public and charter schools system to address and identify what is needed most and what components can improve the quality of education. The consultancy team comprises professionals with 20+ years of experience in the K-16 education system.

3. How does the integration of existing systems work?

TED Solutions support many assessments and school information systems in the market. TED Solutions integrates your data into other systems by using APIs or importing your data in CSV format.

4. How much training is needed to use TED Solutions products?

TED Solutions aims for minimal training while designing the products. The unique approach of TED Solutions enables users to understand the modules and reporting systems easily and helps sites address all features of our products for any users.

1. How to purchase TED Solutions products?

TED Solutions team treats all customers closely to ensure they get the most out of TEDS products. To purchase our products, don't hesitate to contact us for the details of our new customer acceptance process.

2. What is the cost for TED Solutions products?

TED Solutions charge a yearly subscription fee based on the number of students and the purchased products. Please contact us for more details.

3. Does the subscription cost include hosting services?

Yes. Our fees include all costs to use TEDS products.

4. Do you provide dedicated hosting or shared solutions?

We provide dedicated hosting for all our customers for security and performance constraints.

1. How do you ensure data privacy?

Our customers' data privacy is of utmost importance for any TEDS products. We do not use or share your data for any purpose.

2. How secure is TED Solutions?

TED Solutions provides hosting services with Amazon Web Services infrastructure and comply with cutting-edge security protocols and practices. Our products are tested regularly by certified security professionals to ensure the reliability of our infrastructure.

3. Can I use Google Apps for Education accounts for authentication?

TEDS products support Google accounts for authentication. You can use your organizational accounts to log in to TEDS products.

4. How to ensure data access management inside the district?

Our unique data access management design lets district admins assign specific access flexibly to ensure users can only see what they need.

1. How to schedule a live demo of TEDS products ?

Please contact us at

2. How long does it take to integrate TEDS products ?

It depends on the product bundle you purchase. Please contact us for more details.