Freequently Asked Questions

1. Who is TED Solutions?

TED Solutions is a Terra Science and Education initiative to serve K-12 educational institutions with unique software solutions.

2. What is unique about TED Solutions products?

TED Solutions partners with schools in the public and charter schools system to address and identify what is needed most and what components can improve the quality of education. The consultancy team comprises professionals with 20+ years of experience in the K-16 education system.

3. How does the integration of existing systems work?

TED Solutions support many assessments and school information systems in the market. TED Solutions integrates your data into other systems by using APIs or importing your data in CSV format.

4. How much training is needed to use TED Solutions products?

TED Solutions aims for minimal training while designing the products. The unique approach of TED Solutions enables users to understand the modules and reporting systems easily and helps sites address all features of our products for any users.

1. How to purchase TED Solutions products?

TED Solutions team treats all customers closely to ensure they get the most out of TEDS products. To purchase our products, don't hesitate to contact us for the details of our new customer acceptance process.

2. What is the cost for TED Solutions products?

TED Solutions charge a yearly subscription fee based on the number of students and the purchased products. Please contact us for more details.

3. Does the subscription cost include hosting services?

Yes. Our fees include all costs to use TEDS products.

4. Do you provide dedicated hosting or shared solutions?

We provide dedicated hosting for all our customers for security and performance constraints.

1. How do you ensure data privacy?

Our customers' data privacy is of utmost importance for any TEDS products. We do not use or share your data for any purpose.

2. How secure is TED Solutions?

TED Solutions provides hosting services with Amazon Web Services infrastructure and comply with cutting-edge security protocols and practices. Our products are tested regularly by certified security professionals to ensure the reliability of our infrastructure.

3. Can I use Google Apps for Education accounts for authentication?

TEDS products support Google accounts for authentication. You can use your organizational accounts to log in to TEDS products.

4. How to ensure data access management inside the district?

Our unique data access management design lets district admins assign specific access flexibly to ensure users can only see what they need.

1. How to schedule a live demo of TEDS products ?

Please contact us at

2. How long does it take to integrate TEDS products ?

It depends on the product bundle you purchase. Please contact us for more details.